We are collecting the following items for two primary schools an orphanage home and Youths.

We were wondering, if you or anyone you know have any of these items and are no longer needed, we will be happy to collect them and put to good use. Items can be old or new-as long as they are in useable condition.

Items needed for the School:

Any Library Books for all ages, text books for all subjects-primary schools, children’s Christian books, Theological Books-Pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, colouring books, pens & pencils, writing pads, board games, Rugby, football, volleyball etc…

Items needed for the Orphan Home:

Cooking utensils-pots, pans, cooking/baking trays, bowls, bedcovers, sheets, duvet, sleeping bags, recipe books, garden tools etc….. Musical instruments: guitar, keyboard, etc…

Some specific needs for the orphanage home:

Portable Generator set, chain saw, water pump, carpentry/building/DIY tools e.g.-(drills, hammer, -tape measure, levels, screw drivers, etc….) gas cooker, freezer, children’s NIV bibles-folding tables and chairs, Desk Top Computers /Lap top, TV