is believing for the impossible but relying on the possible!

Our Team

Our team is made up of ordinary people with a heart to serve the poor and needy.

Mr & Mrs Patrick and Raquel Kangi Gallego Fons

Mr & Mrs Paulus and Agnes Kei

Mr & Mrs Bob and Roslyn Roger

Mr & Mrs John and Junia Telda

Pastor Jim  and Mrs Yapa

Pastor John and Mrs Noki 

Shilabeth Kofio

AnnaFaith Kei

Abraham Moxen 

Pray for commitment and dedication-as the team members are living in and out of the country and some have full time jobs.

Pray that the team will encourage and support the work through our contacts and networks. 

Pray for teams on the ground to be bold and speak up against child labor and abuse and age and gender discrimination.

Our Projects

Prayer Points:

Jacobs Well:

Thankfully through a generous gift from Rye Lane chapel -London - and friends we have a well in the village which serves the whole village community of 100+children and adults. pray that people will look after the pump and use it properly.

Emmaus Road:

A generous family helped with the initial start of the Emmaus road with all the clearing out and cutting the fiddler road. We thank God for Funds that came into buy three culverts. We also managed to put down two culverts to drain small creeks and a third one still to go.  In May 2017 we started on the 2nd phase of the road which is putting down the gravel.  We have a fair bit to do and would value prayers for funding to complete the rest. in 2018, the work got delayed due to funding. We need about K8,000 ((£2,000.) to put down a culvert and gravel for the remaining road. Pray for funds and an experienced person to put the culvert down. 

Konania group:

The fellowship group has grown in numbers and the leaders have now divided them into four groups called: Jacob's Well ~ Esparanzer ~ Gideon's Army ~ Living Waters. These groups will have a group leader assigned to them with a mixture of age groups. The idea of the care (K) group is to be accountable and to get every body engaged and involved and to get to know each better and they a place they can be trusted to share openly. Pray that that the K group will work.

Esperanzer Orphanage Haus:

For those vulnerable orphans and needy people who come to us, we were able to share fellowship, meals, encouragement and support. Above all ~ The word of God has been a real source of  hope and support for many. Many have been encouraged and blessed-We hear testimonies of how behaviours of many change like youths and men who came to faith. We are thankful to God for helping them to see life in a positive way. Pray that they will continue in that spirit. Many of our older kids see the need to step up to lead in devotions and songs-pray that they will continue.

Multi Purpose Community Hall:

The Ambam centre is in need of a multi purpose community hall, please pray that we will raise the funds needed to build the community hall. In the mean time we have built a semi permanent hall to use.  

Praise Points:

The Kitchen House is now completed and Jerry and Rose our New volunteers are living in it. They will also become care takers of the Ambam Centre and look after the orphans and work on the land. PTL!

Jacob's Well:

Nearly everyone in the village value and see the benefits and have taken extra care in looking after the pump. Pray that they will keep that up.


In January 2017, The team was able to buy a piece of land to build a community hall for the work. We thank God for funds that came through to buy that piece of land. The land is used to grow crops now. 

Vollunteer Family:

A young couple ~ Jerry and Rose came to us to volunteer at the centre with their toddler. They have been helping to keep the centre tidy and work on the land growing crops. They are now housed at the centre. This was a real blessing for us. Pray that they will be faithful and committed and know God's blessings. 

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Thank You!!