Towards the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, we received visitors from three countries, Australia, UK, Germany. We had Rev Dr Pastor Frank Goveia from Rye Lane Chapel-Peckham-London. Mr Martin Haubnnesstle a friend from Germany, Patrick Kangi from UK, and the Kei Family from Cairns Australia.

The visit was special in the sense that it was the very first mission trip visit from friends abroad, secondly, special because for the first time the team went around the villages promoting the work of the charity.

~First  Mission Trip Dec 2013-Jan 2014~

Left: Chief Jacob Bulda from the Kinapulg Kuliambe Tribe welcomed the team to Bongei Village. Ps Frank Govia from London Rye Lane Chapel presented the chief with a hat as a sign of mutual agreement of welcome and peace.

The whole village community came to welcome the Team. A banner made by the youths and orphans to welcome the team while children dressed the newly built Emmaus Road with flowers and dressed in uniforms. The team was made up of Ps Frank Govia and Patrick Kangi from London, Martin Haubnestle- Germany, Paulus and Agnes, Nathan, Jedidiah, Emmanuel, Ashler  Kei Australia.

Our orphans and needy children and families and volunteers were so busy preparing and looking forward to the visit because it was first of its kind. They cooked a local tradition meal called "Mumu" which was a meal cooked in the ground oven with heated stones. the meal consisted of pork, chicken, sweet potatoes, banana, lots of spinach and green cabbages and vegetables, taro, yam and sweet corn. The visitors ate to their delight and enjoyed some local tea and coffee to keep warm! It was an historical day for the community and the charity to remember .

~Sharing the Vision and making awareness in the Local Community~

The team went out into the community and shared about the vision and work of Ambam to community leaders, church leaders, families and individuals. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and curiosity. Many acknowledge the need to have such a charity right in the village. It seemed everyone we mat had a story to tell of their own struggles and challenges and related it to the work of Ambam. 

 We were invited to share at two local churches about the charity. Bunum PNG Bible Church-and AOG Bunum. Pastors John Noki and Jim Yapa were very excited and looked forward to work with the charity together with their members.  

  A number of other churches were represented and showed keen interest in working together. Up until now, there has been a good unity between the church and the charity. To run the charity in the village is quiet challenging because many people do not understand the concept of a charity. Many people think charities have so many free things to give away and therefore considered to be rich in many ways.

~Ambam Foundation Dedication Bongei Village~

 Left: Pastor Frank Goveia addressing the crowd affirming the work of Ambam and with the word of God. 

Below left: Chiefs from various tribes, John Tenang, Angra Kemga, Joseph Wamil, Tep Nenga just to name a few.  A good number of pastors, community Leaders, NGO groups and local community came as invited guests to hear about the Ambam Foundation Vision dedication day. Ps Frank Goveia from London prayed and spoke a powerful message about the work of the charity Ambam-He prayed and dedicated the Foundation and its team and volunteers. About 400+people who came to witness the dedication. There was such a great sense of optimism and excitement. Everyone  was invited to a fellowship meal at the Esperanzer Home. Many of the community leaders spoke highly of the inicitive and pledge their support.

Since 2013 up to 2017 some of the leaders have kept their word. They have supported the work and encouraged many to consider. some of the pastors have been active as well.

Chef John Tenang helped with putting down the Gravel on the Emmaus Road.


~Drug Addicts receive Christ at Dedication~

Right: Seven young boys and men who were growing, selling and consuming Cannabis came to surrender their lives to God in the night after attending the Ambam Foundation Dedication service. Right & Left: Well over 30 young and matured cannabis plants were uprooted from their gardens. Then after much prayer the cannabis plants were up rooted  from their gardens and were burned in an open fire. There was much joy and celebration for the whole village but more so for the young men and their families too. Two local Pastors John and Jim took them in and started a discipleship group. In the group the young men were learning valuable lessons about faith, salvation and good Christian practices and behaviour.

Then in 2015, The Ambam Foundation volunteers started to visit their families and prayed and encouraged them. The visits supported and encouraged them and their families to start going to church and be part of a worshiping community. It was a real testing times for the men as their salvation came at a cost of giving up their only way of making money. For many it was not an easy journey. There has been good days and bad days. All in all they know that God loves them and cares for them.

In August 2016 these young men were involved in fixing a hand made bridge for people to walk through as the river Tuman changed it's  course and took a part of the road making it very difficult for cars and commuters to get from one side to the other. The bridge has been a real life safer.


In August 2016~The Kangi Family (Patrick, Raquel & Joshua) from London came to visit the Ambam Foundation. They stayed with the team of volunteers, orphans, poor and vulnerable children and families in Bongei Village. They spent the whole month doing practical work at the Ambam Centre as well as spiritual ministry. Their visit was special to the team of volunteers and the orphans and needy children and families because many of them have not mat them. Their visit was also good in a sense they got to meet and see the work themselves.
During their visit they helped run an after school club, trimed children's hair, made a fence, cooked meals, helped out in a funeral, made awareness about personal Hygiene, treated a few cuts and burns, spoke at a number of churches, home visit families, helped set up our collection of library books etc.....It was such a rewarding time for us to hear about life in London too!
We are grateful for such groups and families who come and visit us. It means a lot to us and the kids. If you are interested and want to come visit us, please fill-in the forms below and we will be delighted to talk with you.!
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