Koinonia Group

  In January 2014, a group of seven boys and men have come forward to receive Christ and live changed lifestyle. These boys and men have been getting involved in drugs, crime, anti social behavior and sin.  After observing the Mission team praying for the dedication service at the Ambam Foundation they were convicted in their heart to start a fresh.  The team prayed and led them to receive Christ and be his follower. This was a very special moment for us at the Ambam Foundation as they were the first fruits of the Lords work. Since January 2014 they have been praying and holding meetings at the center. Local pastors and leaders are disciplining them and teaching them about the Bible and the ways of the Lord.

The Addictions has had a greater effect on them and many have found it hard to carry on but the Team have been visiting them and supporting though and still does. 

September 2016-of the seven converts-Three of the boys continue to attend services and even encourage their families to come to church. The other four boys don't attend church as often but encourage their families to go. They have been helping the community by building an alternative bridge using bamboos and trees  when the river Tuman over flood and took out half a mile of the Kindeng Kondopina Road-in Jiwaka PNG. 

In May 2017, most of those men who were not attending church regularly return to make fresh commitments. They came with a few more friends and together the team at the centre prayed with them and encouraged them over a meal. Many confessed that it was a touch call to cut off from their sources of income and identity and to fully submit to God and live changed lives. 

Four new 'K' Groups

In June 2017, the team at the Ambam Centre divided all the children and adults into four groups called ~ Jacob's Well ~ Esparanzer ~ Living Waters ~ Gideon's Army. The aim of the small K groups is to encourage more participation, self confident, team building, personal support and encouragement and a sense of belonging. Each group is assigned with a adult and junior leader. 

With these K groups in place we want to see them blending, growing and working together practically and spiritually. Some of the leaders are our older kids who have taken on the task of leading. This is a good training ground for them.

Our Theme this year is "Disciples making Disciples". With the K groups the teams will first be trained and taught then go out into their community to help disciple others. The theme has excited everyone to participate and learn together. 

In 2018, The groups were able to help donate garden goods to flood victims in Southern Highlands. The garden goods came from their own gardens. They also look out for others who are needy in the community and support them too. 


In January 2019, Many of the children and adults in our koinonia fellowship groups received water baptism. They felt the need to be baptised as stated in scripture. It was a special moment for them personally and their friends and families too. The whole village came to witness and support. It was a great encouragement for our small team to experience that special moment. 

In the same week in January 2019, the team held a tent gospel outreach meeting at the Ambam Centre. A large crowd of people from the nearby villages attended the week long meeting. Various local church ministers spoke at the meeting including Abraham Moxen-missionary and one of the leaders at Ambam. At the end of that week, a total of over twenty people came to receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and saviour. It was such an encouragement and inspiration. Many of these new converts are now disciplined in our care groups and other churches in the area.

in 2020, the groups supported the community outreach programe and reach out with the gospel to other communities. We have a young and talented musicians who are gifted to play musical instruments and are looking to purchase musical instruments to reach out to the local community. 

2020 Mumulga Community Fellowship

The team in our centre have been busy organising and leading sessions in the 1 week long community curse breaking meeting in Dec 2020. It was such a blessing to promote gospel unity, and a desire to change from old ways to live a new God glorifying life style in 2021