In August 2019, We completed a second well at Kumboun village-Jiwaka province. The village is about 5 kilometres from the Ambam Centre. We are pleased that hundreds of people will benefit from the well. It is located right in the centre of the village where many families, children and individuals will have excess. We thank our friends at Rye Lane Chapel in London who gave generously towards this needy course. Our team on the ground worked very hard despite many challenges to ensure the well was up and running. The workmen from the health and sanitation department of Western Highlands-Mt Hagen did all the  manual work. 

The well is already having a positive influence in the community. John another leader from the community spoke highly of the well being place there. 

2020: Our plans to start well no 3 has not come to fruition. We are looking to do this in 2021. It has always been a chellenge to get technical people to do the job. We hope that we can get the third well going. 

Water Project gets a new name- Jacob's Well

For a very long time there was no clean drinking water in Bongei Village. Children and adults would carry water containers and walk for 10-20mins to collect water from the polluted Tuman river. Until in 2010 we put up a 60 000 litre rain water tank. The Rain water tank served the whole village and eased the burden of collecting polluted water.  Due to high demand and rain dependant the use of the rain water in the tank was restricted to drinking and cooking only. 

In September 2014, Ps Frank Govia, pastor of Rye Lane Chapel in London together with the church family helped to raised funds for Jacobs' Water Well at the Ambam Foundation centre. Jacobs' well is now completed and serves hundreds of people from Bongei Village and the neighbouring villages with clean drinking water. There is so much water in the well so during the dry season the rain water in the tank dries up but we still have water in Jacobs well.

Here is a comment from one mother: " I send my daughter to the polluted river Tuman to fetch water for the family every day. I know the water we drink is dirty and not good for us but we drink it anyway. Today we are so thankful to Ps Frank and his church for helping us have clean water.  This is a blessing from God". 

In 2017 and 2018, we have been hoping to sink a two more wells but due to technical issues the work is delayed. Much of the work is completed except the well pump. once the pumps arrive from Australia we will sink the wells. 

Piggery Project

The Piggery project was started in 2014 to help support our orphans and needy families as well as for our own sustainability. 

The idea of piggery project was to give poor families and orphans a female piglet on loan so they can raise the piglet until they have piglets or big enough to sell. When they have piglets then they can return a piglet or two to the charity depending on the number of piglets born. They then get to keep the rest of the piglets or sell them for cash and help them with their finances. 

Mata seen here to the left  was the first person who did the trail and after two years she was able to return one piglet to the centre after a successful sale of the pig she looked after. 

A total of four piglets were bought and given to four needy individuals and families. it has helped and enabled them to focus on looking after the piglets and also keep them occupied and something to look forward to. In the culture where owning pig means a source of income and food, everyone knows the vale and importance of owning pigs. A piglet would cost about K260-K300. ((£60-80). If you are interested to help sponsor a piglet do let us know.

Many of the families used the pigs raise income for school fees for their children in 2019 and 2020. We are pleased to help them in that way. 


We have strongly encourage the young orphans to work the land for their food. A family piece of land has been made available for them to grow vegetables and crops for the orphans to feed and to sell any extras to generate some income.  Over the past year they have been planting peanuts, sweet corn, and sweet potatoes, green vegetables, bananas and etc... we were able to provide seeds and the older orphans and volunteers planted them. During the 2018 earth quake, the children collected garden goods and donated to earth quake victims in southern Highlands.

We help provide seeds like sweet corn, peanut, cucumber, vegetables etc.  

Supporting Educational Needs

Rebecca is looking to study in a university or college and Newman is waiting to get his results to continue to year 11 and Jayden is waiting to get his college placement. 2020 has interupted most their studies including their national exams. 

Lily has just completed her year 12 and is waiting for college placement in 2021, Jasmine has been accepted to continue studying in year 11 and 12 in Minjy secondary School in 2021. Jenley is waiting to get results to coninue in college and Merolyn is in the city looking to further her studies in 2021. 

Clement will be doing his final year at uni next year 2021. He is looking to continue his studies in England if all possible. Witman is bee accepted to do his second year at Goroka university. He is looking for a laptop to help him with his school. John is currently studying electrical at Mount Hagen Technical College-We hope and pray he will get a job when he completes his styudies.

As a charity we believe in the power of Education and there fore seek to help, encourage, promote and advocate for the rights of every child to education.

In PNG culture every body helps to contribute to children's education but this has changed due increased personal needs, it was up to the immediate families to look after themselves. 

At the Ambam Centre, we have helped or contributed towards children's education. We would donate laptops, or a financial contribution towards school fees, or educational resources like text books and uniforms. Since 2013, we have supported children who are in primary school up to university level.  

In 2017, Shilaberth Kofio, graduated with a business and accounting degree at the university of Technology which was great news but she has not been able to secure a job, until in 2019 she found a part time job. 

Petrus Win graduated with an Electrical Engineering Certificate at Don Bosco College-Port Moresby Campus in 2017.  He has a part time job at the college he studied to pay off his student loan. In September his dad passed away unexpectedly. He is still working to pay off his student loan which is taking a very long time. 

Issac Konts and Witman Nenga had to withdraw their courses as they are not able to meet the course fees. We hope they will secure funds for their studies in 2020. Issac was studying Electrical at Port Moresby Technical college whilst Witman was due to start at University of PNG studying Accounting. 

Clement Roger is doing first year Applied Science at the University of Technology-Lae campus. Nancy is still doing part time job to secure enough funds to complete her Accounting degree at university of PNG.

It has come to our knowledge that there are a number of bright students who cannot continue their education simply because their poor family can not afford to pay for the school fees. We want to encourage and support as many as possible as and where we can. It is common knowledge that many schools are under resourced and teachers at times get discouraged because they don't get paid on time so as a result the standard of schools drop considerably.

Our limited resources are fully stretched. We will be grateful for anyone who would like to sponsor some of the kids to continue their education.

For £1,500 (K6, 000) it will cover cost fees and accommodation for one student to study for a year at the university.

For £1000, (K4, 000) it will cover cost fees and accommodation for one student to study at a college for a year.

Schools get much needed resources 

In January 2015 the Ambam Foundation volunteers had the privilege of  distributing Educational Resources to the following schools in Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces in PNG. Anglimp High School, Wara Wagi Primary, Ganti Primary and Holy Trinity Primary schools. The generous donations  were given to the Schools by our UK based charity partner "Wantok Support" 

Emmaus Road

In November 2013, we have started work on a feeder road, connceting to the main Okuk Highway near Kindeng. The five to seven kilometer road is hand built by youths through our Youth Engagement Programme called "DIY". This road will bring much needed service to over 200 people. Four years on the road has made the life of many easier to transport their garden produce to town and local markets. The road has helped people to come to their village without having to walk through river Tuman, which turns to be dangerous when it floods. Regular commuters such as School children and sick patient found the road to be such a great help.  

Emmaus Road ~ Phase Two:

We have started to move into the second phase of the road project by putting gravel down in May 2017. We manage to cover half a mile and will continue when we get a chance to find a dump truck and Grader. It is now beginning to look and feel like a proper road. 
Along the way we also managed to put down two culvert to drain water. We still have the third and the final bigger one to put down. due to lack of funding the work is delayed. we need K8,000 (£2,000.) to completed it. We are still waiting for funds to complete putting down the gravel to cover 2kilometres of road and fix a culvert as well. 

The Emmaus Road: Luke Ch 24 ~Two of Jesus disciples were walking towards a village called Emmaus discussing about the recent events of Jesus and His death. Eventually Jesus appears and joins them in the discussion and walks with them but his identity was kept from them. Later the two unknowingly invite Jesus to their lodging as the day was drawing to night. At the dinner table Jesus prays for the bread and as he serves them their eyes were opened and they recognise Jesus.

The two disciples would have missed that moment if they did not invite Jesus in to their lodging.The two disciples allowed even a stranger to give thanks and break the bread.   Jesus took the scale of blindness off their eyes and they were able to recognise Jesus.   

There isn’t any significance in the road but what happened on that road to Emmaus was. This is a reminder that we are walking on life’s journey making decisions.   When Jesus is invited into our conversation, home and even meal, He can open our eyes to see a whole new world.

The Emmaus Road is a Christian presence in the local community-reminding people of life’ journeys and decisions and choices people make. The Emmaus Road also reminds us that with Jesus we can see and understand. Jesus said: I am the way the truth and the Life-no one comes to the Father except through me”       John 14:v6