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Ambam Foundation News Update September 2018

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GOSPEL MINISTRY: Dear friends, supporters and family, we are delighted to share with you what we have been doing in the past few months at the Ambam Foundation. We thank God for all your love and support which has encouraged and enabled us to keep going. Thank you!!! Sunday Devotions: Our discipleship groups are helping and supporting individuals, orphans and widows to grow in their faith as well as building personal relationships, creating interest groups and to have a sense of identity and belonging. Our young leaders are slowly building confident in their roles in taking on new challenges. Many of them took a big step of faith and God has been faithful in guiding and supporting them. The leadership roles are also exercised outside of the center, which helps to create more exposure and experience.

Staff Update: Abraham Moxen-former OM Missionary has settled well back in the village after his return from Logos Hope in February. He has been busy speaking in churches about his time on the Logos Hope. Abraham is making positive impact in the community by engaging troublesome youth with a gardening program and working hard to unite various church and community group leaders to work together. He is currently taking the lead to unite different churches and local groups together to address social issues as well as reaching out in the communities with the gospel. He has a real heart to see the community transformed for good and needs lots of encouragement, support and prayers.

Fellowship Haus. Trying to squzze fifty children and adults into the lounge area of the home has been challenging for the last four years. Now that the fellowship house is almost complete, there will be enough room and space for everyone and more. The space will be used to host practical skills training, meeting and a place to come and rest. Once the final work on the roof is completed we will be able to move in. Our small team of volunteers worked hard to put up the fellowship house. We appreciate all the help from friends at home and abroad. Our foundation boys came to support this project which was really ebncouraging. We are looking to raise funds to buy 70-80 chairs and other things for the hall.

PRACTICAL ACTION: Education: Since graduating from the University of Technology early this year, shila is still looking for work. She has applied for work in many places but has not received any positive reply yet. Petrus has graduated at Don Bosco with a electrical Engineering qualification and now has a part time job at his old school to repay all his outstanding fee. Issacs is waiting for fees to complete his second year. Clement is making good progress at University of Technology as a first-year Engineering student. We continue to support the younger ones in primary.  Many people in the village who could not afford new clothes find the sewing useful. The team will benefit if a big order came in, pray that they will get a good order. Emmaus Road: The road project is helping many villagers to commute between the village and town center. We have a bit of gravel to put down and two culverts for two small creeks to do before the road is completed. We have the culvert but need an experienced person to help put the culvert down. Christmas: This Christmas, our team is planning to organize Christmas meetings with Christmas themes, meal and presents for everyone. In this meeting the focus is to make everyone feel loved, special and accepted. Finally, Thank you all for your love and support- (Patrick & Raquel for the team)

Ambam News Update MArch 2018

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GOSPEL MINISTRY: We bring love and greetings from Bongei village-Jiwaka-PNG. to you and the family in Christ Jesus. Thank you for all your love, prayers and support for us. Sunday Devotions: In 2017, we took on the theme of disciples making disciples. The four focused groups created to facilitate the discipleship group has proven to be fruitful. So, we are looking to build and develop this through this year 2018. We have identified potential young leaders and are training them. Sheila, one of our young leaders has just completed the Sunday school training. She is now teaching our young leaders to teach the BES bible study materials in our groups. We are looking to run discipleship lessons for our foundation boys. The reunion of the foundation boys towards the end of last year had some positive outcome. The boys, now married men with families have been attending the weekly meetings & are getting involved with their families. Abraham�??s Testimony: Abraham Moxen- is a young man from our village, who once lived a life of drug & steam brew- (a locally made alcohol) & caused many antisocial behaviors in our community with his mates (some foundation boys.) In 2011, he wonderfully got saved & joined the local 4 square church-than went on to do bible training at CLTC- a local Christian leaders training college. After the training, he joined OM �??s logos hope ship & travelled round the world sharing the Christian faith for two years. Last month, he finished his term on the ship & returned to the village. Abraham has a big heart to see his community reached with the gospel especially, youths who are taking drug & home brew. We are delighted to be a small part of his journey & are looking forward to work with him in future ministry. Pray for him as he goes around churches doing deputation. Prayer Vigil: This month, our prayer focus will be on our orphans, In April-widows & single parent moms, May-youths in drugs & home brew. June-kids in education, July- community projects, August-all our volunteers and supports. Haus 2 Haus: The house visits are proving to be a real blessing for many. Last year, our team got together as a family to pray and release Rita -one of our orphan girls to be married. We prayerfully took this decision with much consideration to honor Rita�??s wishes & her extended family. The encouraging thing was that her boyfriend was a Christian & came from a Christian family. The local pastor assured us of their love & support for Rita. PRACTICAL ACTION: Education: Sheila graduated with an accounting degree last year 2017 and is looking for work while Isaac finished part two of his college course & hopes to complete part three next year. In January, Clement was accepted to study applied science at the university of Technology. Others like Witman, Nancy & Rebecca are waiting for funds to start their university education. Jacob�??s Well: The first Jacob�??s well in Bongei continues to serve clean water. The second Jacob�??s well project is in its very final stage of consultation with the department of health & sanitation. We are hoping that workmen from the health department will come to sink the well next month. Please pray that there won�??t be any further delays from the Health department. Gardening: We are happy to report that many of our children & adults now have garden crops growing in their allotments. The Ambam charity continues to help supply seeds, gardening tools & moral support. This month we are looking to help the earth quake victims with some of the food crops from the garden. The 7.5 magnitude earth quake destroyed thousands of homes and lives in our neighboring Hella, southern Highland, and Enga provinces respectively. Piggery: This year we were able to support Opent & his family through our pig sponsor program. Raising pigs is a skill many families know so well. It is encouraging to see unity in the family as they all get involved in raising pigs. Pray that though our piglet program-we will be able to help many more. Sewing: The sewing group are making some good progress from learning skills to making clothes, bags, stitching and mending broken clothes. In January Roslyn & the girls made a lovely dress as a farewell gift for Ps Jim�??s wife. We are delighted that the girls & mothers are picking up the skills quickly. Good Byes: In January we said good bye to Ps Jim and his family as they have been transferred to a new church. Ps Jim served on the Ambam board as well as the pastor of the local AOG church. He was a faithful worker who helped discipled many of our orphan children. We wish them God�??s blessing in their future ministry. Land: Last year we were able to buy a piece of land near the national road. We are looking to put up a multipurpose community center to reach out to the community. This will be a huge project for us & we are looking at ways to raise funds toward it. Finally, Thank you all for your love and support- (Patrick & Raquel for the team)

Ambam Foundation News Update 07 2017

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GOSPEL MINISTRY Greetings to you and the family in Christ Jesus. We are delighted to share with you some updates from Ambam Foundation in Bongie village Jiwaka Province-PNG. Firstly, we will start with the Spiritual side of the work then the practical. Sunday Devotions The Sunday Morning Devotions are becoming so popular that the leaders are extending it to a Sunday Service inviting un church people in the village to attend. Many of our older kids are stepping up as young leaders which is very encouraging. The Theme this year is �??Disciples making Disciples�?�. The leaders have divided the kids into four discipleship care groups. (Jacobs Well-Living Waters-Esparanzer-and Gideon�??s Army). The focus of these discipleship care group is to help them blend and to give them a sense of identity and accountability in small groups. An adult leader is assigned to support them. Being part of a discipleship group means they can all contribute meaningfully to the center and to help and support one another better. This is being reflected in the service as well as their outreach into the community. The kids were blessed to receive copies of the Gideon�??s pocket size bible which are being used during their devotions and prayer/bible study. Foundation Boys We continue to minister to our Foundation Boys both spiritually & practically. In their spiritual journey, they faced many challenges over the past few years but the Lord has been good in keeping them. In June, all of them made fresh commitment to get more involved in the work we do. A couple of their friends joined them as well. We are praying for a Spiritual mentor to help them. Haus 2 Haus Our teams regularly visit families where some of the orphans and venerable children live. So far, the arrangements are working to a satisfactory level. During the visits, the team listen to their stories, they read the scriptures and pray. On most visits, they would bring a small gift of house hold goods for the family. Prayer vigil & Bible Study The Friday & Saturday Prayer Vigils and Bible Study are encouraging many of our young people and adults to spent time with God in prayer and to reading and studying the word of God together. We are thankful to God for the way some of the children and adults have responded positively in becoming good disciples. PRACTICAL ACTION Emmaus Road In May we managed to put some gravel down on the Emmaus road covering just under a mile. It looked much like a road from a distance. We have about 4 and half miles yet to do. The work is on hold due to a need for a JCB grader and dump truck. Once we find a JCB grader and dump truck we will continue till we finish the rest. The village community came out in great numbers to help. Jacob�??s Well Jacob�??s well is still giving out fresh clean water to many people in the village. Thankfully, everyone has contributed in taking good care of the well�??s pump. Many families are so thankful for this very special provision. We are planning to sink another well in a nearby village when funds become available. Piggery A number of families have benefited from our piggery project. Eg. Marta a widow was given a pig couple of years ago. After a successful sale of the pig she returned one piglet to the foundation. There is great potential and we want to help as many as we could. Currently we have three pigs which are looked after by our leaders Roslyn and Junia. Gardening Our team of volunteers have been busy working the land in planting and harvesting a number crops such as, peanuts, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, banana, pawpaw and cucumber. The gardening incentive has been a useful way to teach our older children gardening skills, produced crops for our own use and sell any extras. Also, we gave away some of the harvested peanuts and sweet corn as seeds to few families and individuals to support them. Sawing Roslyn continues to teach new skills to our girls and single parent mothers. They have had a few successful sawing sessions in making the famous �??Meri Bilous�?� local ladies dresses and tops to sell. Some of the sales were used to buy materials to make uniforms for the kids. It is exciting to see them making new formal dress patterns. They are hoping to get some school uniform orders with the new design. Community Hall The building team are making small but significant progress in talking to friends about getting wood for the building. They have also been looking at possible fun raising avenues. This will be a big project for us at the Ambam Centre. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our small team as they seek to undertake this task. Finally, Thank you all for your love and support-(Patrick & Raquel for the team).

Ambam Foundation News Update 06 2017

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To all our much-appreciated supporters and friends, we bring greetings from Bongei Village-Jiwaka Province-PNG in Christ our Saviour. In this Prayer News Update, we truly want to thank God for His Faithfulness and your kindness. At the Ambam Centre there is a growing sense of being a family. The sense of family atmosphere is varied and mixed. There are those who have no parents or one parent. Then there are those who are widows or divorced. Then there are single and venerable young moms. Last Christmas as families gathered to celebrate Christmas, all our orphans and the team got together as one big family. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest helped and contributed so that there was food to eat and presents to receive. Despite the basic meal and few presents there was a real sense of satisfaction. Everyone was pleased to be part of this one big family at the Ambam centre. Most of the food came from the gardens and the coloured shirts and Bata sandals through the gifts our friends sent from London. Our small team of volunteers continue to help, support and encourage the orphans, widows, single parent moms and the foundation boys every week. The children are keen readers and learners. Each week at the Centre, they learn bible stories and lessons. JERRY & ROSE: Our volunteers, Jerry and Rose have been a huge blessing to the team and the orphans. They continue to work on our land to provide garden food for the orphans and to sell any surplus and generate some income to buy basic supplies like soap and kerosine. They also look after our two pigs and take care of the centre. Pray that they will be faithful and committed. Working the Land, growing crops: In the beginning of January-the team harvested, cucumber, sweet corn, peanuts and vegetables from our garden. The garden vegetables were used to feed the orphans as well as selling any extras for cash. It was such a blessing to see so much fresh food grown in our own land. Bob our main leader at the Ambam centre has been teaching everyone to work hard in school and on the land-doing their very best and leave the impossible to God. The team will now plant sweet potatoes and other rooted vegetables to rotate the crops. ORPHANS & DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN IN TERTIARY EDUCATION: Shilaberth is doing her final year business and Economic studies at the University of Technology. Nancy is still doing a part time job to save up enough money to go back to university of PNG to complete her accounting degree. Petrus graduated last year with a degree in Electrical Technology at Don Bosco college but the school withheld his certificate due to unpaid school fees of K3,000. (£900.) He is currently looking to enrol with the PNG Defence Force to work with their technical team. He will need to do an entry test this month. Issac is studying electrical at Port Moresby Technical college-a one year course. Witman applied to study Accounting at the University of PNG but missed out on the selections due to poor grade in his English. He is looking to improve his English marks this year and enrol next year. Clement is repeating year 12 this year and hopefully will get into university next year. The government has promised free education but did not kept their promises leaving parents and students to pay their own school fees. For our orphans, it�??s a huge financial burden! It costs approximately K9,000. (£3,000) for one child to study at university with full boarding for a year. THE FOUNDATION BOYS: This is the name given to our converted drug addicts since their conversion in 2013. The foundation boys had been helping the community by building this handmade bridge for commuters to cross when the river Tuman bust its banks and took out a kilometre of the road three years ago. We are encouraged to see how their changed lives are guiding them to contribute meaningfully in the community. Our team continue to visit them and support their family through prayer and practical help. Two of the boys have become members in a local Pentecostal church. Others meet at the Ambam Centre with their wives and children. SUNDAY MORNING DEVOTIONS: The midweek meetings and Sunday morning fellowship and bible study provides some good foundation for many of the orphans as well as adults. Bob our team leader and others ensures that everyone is given the time and space to share and listen to individual stories. Our two local church pastors Jim and John come and encourage the group whenever they are free. Our children are taught at a very young age to work hard at all levels, at home and in school. LIBRARY BOOKS: Our small collection of library books is well used by our orphans and school children in the community. Children come to the Ambam centre in the afternoons and weekends to read. We are looking to increase our collections of library books. If you or anyone you know are looking for a home for any unused primary or secondary age children�??s book, then let us know. MULTIPURPOSE COMMUNITY HALL: We have a need for a multipurpose Community Hall that will give us space to hold our meetings, run workshops, cook meals and have a reading space etc. Pray that our fun raising efforts will be fruitful to raise the much needed finances. At the moment, we are still meeting in the front room and in the open air under the tent if the weather is good. EMMAUS ROAD: The road project continues to be a blessing to all people in the community. Children use it to go to school while adults use it to take their garden produce to the local market. Cars are now able to come into the village, up till this location in the picture. Once we put down the big culvert then people can drive all the way to the Ambam centre. The big culvert has not been put down as the location requires some basic level of engineering skills as well as few materials. Once we find that person we will carry out the work. We have the rocks and culvert but need 8 wire baskets and 10x10kg cement bags. SINGLE PARENT MOMS: In our community, we have a good number of venerable single parent moms. These young girls are forced to marry older and rich married men, but 90% of these arranged marriages don�??t work. When the marriage fails, they are forced to return to their village with their children. As soon as they return to their families, they are faced with new problem because they have no land to plant crops and build a house. Culturally, they are meant to leave their family and join their husband�??s family and start a new family life on his land. So basically, the young girls are trapped and become homeless and destitute amongst their own family. In our community, the team at the Ambam Centre have identified over a handful of these young girls and are helping them. Roslyn our volunteer at the Ambam centre have been teaching them how to do sewing using our three sewing machines. There is a great interest amongst the girls. Currently, they are sewing all the torn clothes from the orphans and needy families. Occasionally, they get �??Meri Balous�?� (a dress & top) uniform orders to sew for youth groups and women�??s groups. If they get a big order it will help them a lot. We pray and trust this will give you an update on our work at Ambam Foundation. Thank you for all your love, support and prayers and have a happy Easter! Patrick & Raquel Kangi (for the Ambam team).


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